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[Verse 3: Bars 57- 60] Verse three re­verts back to the orig­i­nal verse pat­tern. [Bridge 3: Bars 61- 68] Bridge 3 is again a re­peat of the pre­vi­ous bridges. There are an additional six semi­qua­ver mute strokes in bar 66, which are again phrased tightly with the drums. [Outro: Bar 69 to end] The outro fea­tures the verse riff, which is re­peated, then changed and re-worked to add to the ex­cite­ment. [Bars 77- 80] Here we see an­other dis­place­ment of the D chord and (no sur­prises) plenty of semi­qua­ver mute stroke ac­tion. [Bars 81- 84] Here Joe uses the A on the 5th fret of the sixth string to pedal against. It is eas­i­est to fret this with the thumb if you can, but you could also use your first fin­ger or even the open fifth string. [Bars 85- 88] And here we have a brand new rhythm to learn! But this one sounds su­per cool and is well worth the ef­fort. Our ver­sion has a sim­ple to play end­ing on beat 1 of bar 89. I hope you en­joy learn­ing this great track.

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