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An im­por­tant as­pect of tech­nique in clas­si­cal gui­tar play­ing is adopt­ing the cor­rect sit­ting pos­ture. The gui­tar is placed on the left thigh (for right-handed play­ers), which is raised by plac­ing the foot on a foot­stool. The left knee should be point­ing for­wards and the right knee to the side so the gui­tar rests on the in­side of the right thigh. The gui­tar should be po­si­tioned at an an­gle where the neck is point­ing slightly up­wards, and the right fore­arm rests on the larger bout of the in­stru­ment. This should hold the in­stru­ment se­curely in place and pro­vide ease of fa­cil­ity for both hands. key of A mi­nor down a 4th to E mi­nor (and down from A ma­jor to E ma­jor dur­ing the waltz sec­tions which mod­u­late to the par­al­lel ma­jor scale) so that it sits bet­ter on the gui­tar. Although some of the or­ches­tral parts have been dropped, due to prac­ti­cal con­sid­er­a­tions, I hope I’ve man­aged to re­tain much of the char­ac­ter of the piece, due to the pas­toral sim­plic­ity and phras­ing of the melody which ap­pears in sin­gle-line form in the in­tro­duc­tion and con­clu­sion.

Although this is one of the eas­ier pieces in this clas­si­cal se­ries, it’s also one of the most beau­ti­ful. As ever, pa­tience is the fastest way to suc­cess; and re­mem­ber, there’s no limit to how ex­pres­sively even the sim­plest melody can be per­formed. So take your time get­ting the piece per­fectly un­der your fin­gers, and use the tab cap­tions to help with some of the tech­niques. I hope you en­joy learn­ing and play­ing this won­der­ful tune!

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