Guitar Techniques - - Play: Classical -

[Bars 1- 6] The open­ing six bars con­sist of a sin­gle line melody em­u­lat­ing the uni­son or­ches­tral strings. Play as smoothly and legato as pos­si­ble adding a lit­tle glis­sando be­tween each of the two notes in bars 4, 5 and 6. [Bar 8] The bass note and chords at bar 8 set the mood for the melody, which be­gins on the last beat of bar 9. From here on try stick­ing to the sug­gested fret­ting – a four-string barre is needed on the last beat of bar 10. Keep an ear on the sound of the melody notes and keep their vol­ume and tone con­sis­tent. In ad­di­tion, aim to shape the melody mu­si­cally as a singer would.

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