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Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Blues -

Muddy’s main axe from the late 50s on­wards, was a red Fen­der Tele­caster with a fat mod­i­fied neck. It’s eas­ier to play slide us­ing heavy strings and a high ac­tion. Muddy of­ten favoured a 0.12 or even 0.13 first string, with an ac­tion so high, most could not fret it com­fort­ably. Al­though he used glass bot­tle­necks, he would later opt for a smaller metal slide. The Fen­der Su­per Re­verb was his amp of choice with all the con­trols set on 9. So we need to aim for a loud and ex­pres­sive, power amp driven tone (so easy on the gain).

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