EXAMPLE1 Open G licks

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Blues -

For open G the gui­tar is tuned to a G chord us­ing the fol­low­ing steps. Tune the first and sixth strings down a tone to D, and the fifth string down a tone to G. The main ad­van­tage is that it can al­low slide play­ers to ac­cess the root and 5th bass notes (G and D) un­fret­ted so it leaves your fret­ting hand free to use the slide higher up the neck, while your thumb can pick out the bass notes as needed. It also af­fords us nice straight lined chord forms, per­fect for slide gui­tar. If you are new to slide gui­tar, then bear in mind that in­to­na­tion is key. The pitches are cor­rectly achieved by plac­ing the slide di­rectly over the fret wire with just enough pres­sure to make the note sound clearly - much like a nat­u­ral har­monic is played.

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