Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Session -

[Bars 1-10, part 1] these are ba­sic open chord shapes. make sure you hold them down so the strings stay ring­ing, with the sec­ond fin­ger of your fret­ting hand do­ing the twid­dly ham­mer- on and pull- offs over the F chord. make sure your fin­ger­pick­ing is nice and even. [Bars 13-14] this is the trick­i­est bit of this sec­tion. In bar 13, the idea is to hold down the g note (2nd fret, sixth string) while play­ing the sub­se­quent ham­mer- on notes. In bar 14, keep the F (3rd fret, sec­ond string) held down while play­ing the low Bb (5th fret, sixth string).

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