Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Session -

[Bars 43- 44] this lick is based round an Eb sus2 (Eb F Bb) chord shape. It’s quite a chal­lenge be­cause it’s high up the neck and needs to be barred down strongly so the pull- off Bb to A notes can be heard clearly. [Bars 45- 48] Bar 45 has an­other open string run, so again try to let as many notes as pos­si­ble ring to­gether. the ‘twid­dly’ bit at the end of bar 46 can be played with the first and sec­ond fin­gers of your fret­ting hand, with this fin­ger­ing fol­low­ing in bar 47. make sure the har­mon­ics at the end ring clearly, and maybe play this fi­nal chord as a ‘spread’.

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