Guitar Techniques - - Play: Rock -

[ Bars 1- 8] Al­though re- pick­ing with the same pick mo­tion can seem a bit coun­ter­in­tu­itive at first, try aim­ing for a down, up, down ac­tion to get the most from these group­ings of three ( al­ter­nate pick­ing will throw you in odd di­rec­tions). The speed of string skip­ping back to the open sec­ond string can be tricky, so take your time learn­ing at a slower tempo ( 80bpm is a good start­ing point). Pay close at­ten­tion to the palm- mutes, as these will help avoid any nasty note- bleed be­tween strings. Don’t press down too hard near the bridge, how­ever, or you’ll push the strings sharp.

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