Guitar Techniques - - Play: Rock -

[ Bars 19- 22] A slight amount of palm- mut­ing on the last three notes of this verse riff ( as well as a lighter pick­ing mo­tion) will help this riff sound dy­nam­i­cally lighter than the in­tro. The funky 16th- note vibe will re­quire more bounce in your wrist move­ment but will help the mutes sound even. [ Bars 29- 32] This E blues riff re­quires sub­tle touches, in­clud­ing a clipped first note, a string mute on the ‘ 2+’ and a quar­ter- note blues curl on the G ( 3rd fret, sixth string). Make sure you main­tain al­ter­nate pick­ing ( 16th- note value) in or­der to hit the off­beat Bb ( 16th fret, sixth string) with an up­stroke.

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