Guitar Techniques - - Play: Rock -

[ Bars 80- 99] For the solo, you’ll be view­ing the E5, B5 and C# 5 chords as hav­ing po­ten­tial for sev­eral dif­fer­ent scales. Slash gen­er­ally moves be­tween E blues, E mi­nor pen­ta­tonic and E Mixoly­dian: ob­serve the shift from E mi­nor to C# mi­nor ( E ma­jor) pen­ta­tonic shapes. Tech­ni­cally, you shouldn’t find too much chal­leng­ing here: string bends, in­clud­ing unisons, dou­ble- stops, pinch har­mon­ics, slides, a few ham­merons, pull- offs and 6th in­ter­vals ( bar 95). Es­sen­tially, it’s a mas­ter­class in the tasti­est blues- rock solo­ing!

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