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E[ Bars 102- 115] There are lots of gui­tar scrapes, slides and ef­fects in this sec­tion, so you can choose your ideas to suit, us­ing the in­tro de­lay for the spacey ef­fects. The de­scend­ing pat­tern in the 7th bar can be de­cep­tively tricky to co­or­di­nate be­tween pick­ing and fret­ting hands, so make sure you’re not cut­ting any cor­ners with your prac­tice here. Slow, steady prac­tice will reap re­wards with these chro­matic group­ings of three and two notes. [ Bars 130- end] Slash bulks out the fi­nal E blues run with punky ma­jor chords. Al­though these chords sound great, there is a lot of side­ways move­ment, which ob­vi­ously re­quires ac­cu­rate fret­ting. With time and prac­tice, you should de­velop a feel for the dis­tances in­volved, par­tic­u­larly the large leap from D to Bb. A good tip is to keep your eyes fo­cused on your first fin­ger, rather than the whole hand shape.

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