Guitar Techniques - - Play: String Bending -

Dou­ble- stop bends mean bend­ing two notes at once. How­ever, the vary­ing ten­sions of the strings means that bend­ing equal dis­tances can re­sult in dif­fer­ent in­ter­vals in pitch. We can use this to our ad­van­tage, as bend­ing be­tween the sec­ond and third string can pro­duce a semi­tone bend on the sec­ond, with a tone bend on the third. If you com­bine dou­ble- stop bends with a pre- bend/ re­lease, the ini­tial pitch be­comes less cru­cial, and gives the im­pres­sion of greater in­to­na­tion con­trol and ac­cu­racy. These ideas are de­rived from C Mixoly­dian ( C D E F G A Bb).

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