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[ Bar 1] The first beat of bar one is played like a spread chord, but end­ing with the thumb re- pluck­ing the E note on the third string – pick­ing- hand GUI­TAR fin­ger­ing is TECH­NIQUES in­di­cated. This gives 2 3 3 the ef­fect of mak­ing that first E melody GUI­TAR note stand TECH­NIQUES out from the chord 2 3 and 3 sub­se­quent re­peat­ing up­per chords, and draws the lis­tener to the melody. The melody then continues in bar 2, and is played with the thumb, which keeps its tone and pro­jec­tion con­sis­tent. E E E [ Bar 3] The triplet in bar 3 is, in most ar­range­ments, played com­pletely legato ( ham­mer- on pull- off) but some people find this very awk­ward be­cause of the sec­ond and third fin­gers hold­ing down the B and G# on the top two strings. I have there­fore of­fered the so­lu­tion of only the ham­mer- on and not the pull- off. It is pos­si­ble to still make the triplet sound legato, but is slightly eas­ier tech­ni­cally. This is en­tirely op­tional, of course.

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