SOLO2 Us­age of Cyclic Ideas and De­vel­op­ing Melodic Mo­tifs

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Blues -

We start with quite an in­volved line, us­ing our mix of scales from the first solo, but also in­clud­ing the b5 blues note which re­sults in a chro­matic line on the third string that also makes an ap­pear­ance in bar 7. Bar 3 fea­tures a cyclic five- note pat­tern re­peated six times, played to a sex­tu­plet ( six- notes-per­beat) group­ing, re­sult­ing in some ef­fec­tive and ear- catch­ing rhyth­mic dis­place­ment. You may wish to slow this down first to a click to in­ter­nalise the feel be­fore speed­ing it up. Bars 10- 12 fea­ture an un­usual melodic fig­ure that is fur­ther de­vel­oped to fit the chord move­ment. This strikes me as an al­most ‘ jazz’ ap­proach, fea­tur­ing frag­ments of ar­peg­gio and larger seven-note scalar fig­ures. Very cool!

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