Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Session -

start ( im­ply­ing a C13­sus4 chord) fol­lowed by a jazz- style de­scend­ing chro­matic line into the com­monly used mi­nor 3rd ( Eb) to ma­jor 3rd ( E) idea heard so of­ten in blues and jazz. the lick moves into the Bm7b5 chord in bar 32 with a chro­matic ap­proach note idea and makes use of the b5 note ( F), be­fore us­ing Am pen­ta­tonic at the end to bend up to the E root note of the E7# 9 chord. there are quite a few things to con­sider in this lick, like tim­ing, tech­nique, and rhyth­mic aware­ness, so take your time here. [ Bars 33 and 34] this fi­nal lick is re­ally just a very short outro to round off the piece, and uses Am pen­ta­tonic ( with the ma­jor 3rd bor­rowed from A ma­jor pen­ta­tonic) to re­turn us to that fa­mil­iar bluesy sound.

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