Guitar Techniques - - Play: String Bending -

The trick here is to bend a high string up, usu­ally by a tone. At the same time we push the ad­ja­cent string, in this case the sec­ond. Once the first note has sounded, we slide the pres­sure across to the al­ready pre- bent

8 sec­ond string. This should be a silent tran­si­tion as the E is muted by the trail­ing un­der­side of the fret­ting fin­ger and you can add ex­tra se­cu­rity by dou­ble mut­ing with the un­used fin­gers of the pick­ing hand. This pre-bent lower string is then re­leased back to its ini­tial un­bent pitch and, hey presto! – a Jimi Hen­drix ex­change bend. Sim­ple!

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