De­scend­ing Pen­ta­tonic Dom­i­nant Lick

Guitar Techniques - - Intro -

Here’s a nifty phrase that in­cor­po­rates the ‘Dom­i­nant Pen­ta­tonic’ scale (aka the ‘In­dian Pen­ta­tonic’). This scale is sim­ply a Mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic that’s had the mi­nor 3rd re­placed by the ma­jor 3rd. So in the key of D, the notes are D F# G A C. You could also see this set of notes as be­ing a D7/11 arpeg­gio, or D Mixoly­dian with the 2nd and 6th in­ter­vals omit­ted. The lick starts off with a 10-note se­quence played in 16ths, then im­i­tated ex­actly on the next pair of strings. This re­peat­ing odd-note group­ing dis­places the rhythm causes the se­quences to end up at the last 16th note – beat 1 of bar 2. The sec­tion from beat 2, bar 2 in­volves rapidly play­ing 4th and 3rd in­ter­vals quickly across the fourth and third strings. Watch the tim­ing, as it’s easy to rush when you switch from lin­ear to in­ter­val­lic phrases or vice versa. Sim­i­lar ideas to this can be heard from Jeff Beck, Jan Ham­mer and Dream The­ater. Af­ter play­ing my lick, work on sim­i­lar phrases of your own.

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