EX­AM­PLE 1 Adding the wah-wah pedal

Guitar Techniques - - Play: Rock -

This first ex­am­ple com­bines some clas­sic EC vo­cab­u­lar y with the wah-wah pedal. The wah-wah ef­fect is fea­tured in track s like Tales Of Brave Ulysses, White Room, Pres­ence Of The Lord, and later, on Bad Love. The trick here is to use the wah like an ex­pres­sion pedal. Ex­per­i­ment with rock­ing it in time with the pulse, and then in the rhy thm that the notes are played. Used spar­ingly, the wah-wah is a po­tent tool that adds another sonic di­men­sion.

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