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The rules and logic of har­mony sprang from peo­ple sing­ing to­gether, so sing­ing har­monies in a pop band – per­haps do­ing Queen, Beach Boys, Four Sea­sons, Bea­tles or Bee Gees cov­ers – is a great way to get to grips with it. Or per­haps you could be­come a mem­ber of a choir – they’re spring­ing up ev­ery­where since Gareth Malone’s TV se­ries, and are a per­fect way to meet oth­ers with sim­i­lar mu­si­cal in­ter­ests. If you don’t like the idea of that, a bar­ber-shop quar­tet would not only stretch your vo­cal prowess, but re­ally em­bed the prin­ci­ples of four-part har­mony into your brain, since they usu­ally fol­low the So­prano, Alto, Tenor, Bass con­ven­tion. Sing­ing har­mony will feed back to your guitar play­ing, too: knowl­edge of chords, tran­scrib­ing etc. So go on… have a go!

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