Ex­am­ples2,3,4 PAR­AL­LEL MOT ION

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Creative Rock -

[Ex 2] Next, let ’s do what most guitar play­ers would do: that is, play an equiv­a­lent melody or mo­tion three scale-notes higher (C ma­jor scale). For tu­nately, in this in­stance, the tech­nique works, be­cause each note makes sense against the un­der­ly­ing chord. [Ex 3] How­ever, if we do the same thing three scale-notes lower (as shown here), the re­sul­tant har­mony doesn’t fit the un­der­ly­ing chords so well. [Ex 4] Whereas, this ex­am­ple – still a form of sim­i­lar mo­tion – works bet­ter, be­cause the fi­nal note is a chord tone (G, the 5th of C).

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