Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Session -

[In­tro bars 1- 4] Palm-mute this funk y ‘pop­ping’ line and play with a pick us­ing 1/16th note ‘down-up-down-up’ for each beat, which will help to en­sure that the notes are played rhyth­mi­cally. [Bars 5-7] Strictly, the rhy thm guitar plays these chords on the record­ing, but feel free to play them with a gen­tle ap­proach, maybe with the thumb. [Bar 8] This is a ‘pick up’ lick into the main theme. Thumb or fin­ger­style ap­proach would work here, but watch for cor­rect tim­ing. [A sec­tion (main theme) bars 9-15] This is the main theme played in oc­taves. Again, tr y us­ing your thumb, as this is a com­mon jaz z ap­proach. Ac­cu­rate tim­ing is es­sen­tial here, as this is the main melody. [Bar 16] This a lit­tle ‘an­swer’ st yle fill. Be aware of the st yle as you play – it ’s a jaz z vibe, so no craz y vi­brato! [Bars 17-33] The oc­tave melody again. Note how there are sub­tle changes to the pre­vi­ous time round.

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