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Cho­rus 3 [Bars 29- 40] Change to the neck pickup in bar 32. Bar 34 fea­tures a fast re-picked bend, that is brought to life if the bend is al­lowed to go flat and is then pushed back up to pitch each time an­other note is picked. The lick in bar 37 is a par­tic­u­larly effective way of ne­go­ti­at­ing the A7 chord, and is well worth mem­o­ris­ing so you can use it in future so­los. An im­per­a­tive blues tech­nique is to bend the mi­nor 3rd slightly sharp to hint at the ma­jor 3rd (the blues ‘curl’). This bend­ing of the mi­nor 3rd aligns phrases against ac­com­pa­ny­ing Dom­i­nant 7 chords, im­part­ing a darker sound in keep­ing with the essence of the blues.

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