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[Bar 1] Use this sim­ple in­tro se­quence to ori­en­tate your­self with the 3/4 pulse if nec­es­sary. A stan­dard ‘pima’ pick­ing hand ap­proach will work well through­out this piece. [Bar 5] Mov­ing basslines are a key fea­ture of Tay­lor’s style, and hint at the pi­ano-like ap­proach he brings to his play­ing. Use the fourth fin­ger on the fret­ting hand to reach for the bass note on the 4th fret, fifth string here. [Bar 10] Sus and 7sus4 type chords are very com­mon in Tay­lor’s writ­ing, and ‘soften’ the sound of stan­dard ma­jor or dom­i­nant chords. If you’re new to th­ese voic­ings, then they are well worth com­mit­ting to mem­ory. [Bar 16] Em­bel­lish­ments on sim­ple chords are an­other es­sen­tial el­e­ment of his style – this sim­ple ham­mer- on within a D ma­jor chord ap­pears time and again in his mu­sic – in fact, you could call it his sig­na­ture lick.

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