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Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Acoustic -

[Bar 21] This G to D move­ment is an­other Tay­lor favourite and is guided by the sixth-string bassline de­scend­ing just one fret. Watch James’s fret­ting hand, and you’ll see that he uses rather un­ortho­dox chord shapes, es­pe­cially A and D. But you’ll be fine with ‘nor­mal’ fin­ger­ings through­out this piece. [Bar 28] Tay­lor of­ten serves up the un­ex­pected, such as this Csus 2 chord – typ­i­cal of the de­vices that add a brief tension to his writ­ing when needed. ­­Tay­lor’s hands seem to crawl across the fret­board as he changes chords; as notes are played he moves the fingers in time to play the next shape cleanly.

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