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This might seem like a re­ally silly let­ter, but what of­ten at­tracts me to the front cover of Gui­tar Tech­niques is the gui­tar in the main pic­ture. You seem to fea­ture a se­lec­tion of beau­ti­ful in­stru­ments, ei­ther vin­tage (per­haps pseudo-vin­tage) or classy ‘bou­tique’ ones. Where do they all come from – surely you can’t own them all? Are they hired? The last few, in par­tic­u­lar, have been gor­geous look­ing pieces! Damien Barnes Funny you ask that, Damien, as I was just in the process of or­gan­is­ing the next few cover shoots and think­ing about what to get, and from where. The truth is they come from a va­ri­ety of sources. When­ever one of the team gets a new gui­tar – we’re al­ways trad­ing stuff in for the ‘next great­est thing’ – it will gen­er­ally find its way onto the cover. For in­stance the red Strat and red ES-335 of re­cent is­sues were both mine, hav­ing rid my­self of var­i­ous in­stru­ments to ac­quire them. The Les Paul Gold­top from the last is­sue was kindly loaned to us by World Guitars in Stone­house, as was the Gib­son Byrd­land for the ‘Bet­ter Chords’ one a few is­sues back; other times we’ve bor­rowed pieces from Gui­tar Vil­lage in Farn­ham, Peach Guitars in Brain­tree and Vin­tage And Rare in Bath, as we are friends with th­ese fine in­sti­tu­tions too.

The creamy Strat on ‘Pen­ta­tonic Power’, and the black Gretsch on ‘Per­fect Your Tim­ing’ were both snaf­fled from Gui­tarist’s reviews stock. Ja­son Sid­well’s stash gets ran­sacked from time to time too, and Mick Tay­lor and Owen Bai­ley of Gui­tarist have both con­trib­uted a piece or two. So, as you can see, they come from a va­ri­ety or sources. I do try hard to make the in­stru­ment ap­pro­pri­ate for the fea­ture – so, for in­stance, a Gib­son ES-175 would be a lit­tle odd on a shred metal cover. But we love get­ting all th­ese great guitars in, and I’m glad you like the pics too. So it’s ac­tu­ally not a silly let­ter at all!

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