Paul Gil­bert

Guitar Techniques - - Play: Hot Blues -

This Paul Gil­bert-in­spired ex­am­ple fea­tures the turn­around of a blues in D – namely the V7 chord (A7), V7 chord (G7) and the fi­nal I chord (D). As you prob­a­bly know, Paul is quite a master of arpeg­gios and thus here he plays around with a fig­ure that in­cludes the chord tones (3rd and 5th) of each chord, adding some chro­matic flavour in the process. I sug­gest you use your first fin­ger to barre on the 12th fret, us­ing it to both start the phrase on the 12th fret of the sec­ond string and to reach the top E on the 12th fret of the first string. Make sure you prac­tise this slowly as you want to be able to dis­tin­guish each note sep­a­rately. The line fin­ishes with some clas­sic bends and bluesy lines, all based on the D Mi­nor Blues scale.

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