Richie Kotzen

Guitar Techniques - - Play: Hot Blues -

Our first ex­am­ple is in E mi­nor and fea­tures a fast Richie Kotzen style se­quen­tial three-note le­gato pat­tern, which – after trav­el­ling across the first three strings - ends up mov­ing across the third string by way of slides. For the two first bars of le­gato phras­ing, you ba­si­cally only need to use your pick when ar­riv­ing at a new string. No­tice the C# and F#, which means we are us­ing E Do­rian mode here. The fi­nal lick is based on the E Mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic scale and fea­tures a favourite trick of Richie’s whereby you slide back­wards into cer­tain notes of the phrase (in this case the E on 9th fret of the third string and the A on the 7th fret of the fourth string). Again, while it sounds great fast, it’s also mega cool played slowly.

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