Greg Howe

Guitar Techniques - - Your Hottest Ever Blues Licks! -

We start with a sweep up an Am7 ar­peg­gio, reach­ing the root (A) on the bend and then the 9th (B) on the fol­low­ing bend. While this is held, we tap on the 18th fret to pro­duce a high C, be­fore pulling off to the held bend and re­leas­ing it back to the A on the 17th fret. Try your sec­ond fin­ger to per­form the tap, and store the pick be­tween thumb and first fin­ger. This line fin­ishes with a fast vi­brato on the jazzy D (11th/4th), 15th fret, sec­ond string. Then there’s a mam­moth le­gato run, in­cor­po­rat­ing a pick­ing-hand fin­ger to hy­brid pick the up­per notes of an as­cend­ing A Mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic pat­tern. The pat­tern is made up of four notes and goes across the rhythms cre­at­ing a com­plex-sound­ing end re­sult.

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