Joe Sa­tri­ani

Guitar Techniques - - Play: Hot Blues -

This ex­am­ple is based en­tirely on the D Blues scale and starts with a clas­sic Sa­tri­ani-style open-string run, us­ing an as­cend­ing se­quence, climb­ing three notes of the scale at a time, in­ter­spers­ing each with a pulloff to the open fourth string. The fi­nal phrase con­tains another stan­dard Satch pat­tern, namely the fast de­scend­ing Mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic ‘box po­si­tion’ four-note fig­ure span­ning from the 10th fret of the first string to the 12th fret of the third string. This is quickly fol­lowed by a whammy-bar dive from the mi­nor 3rd (F) on the 10th fret of the third string. It may take a lit­tle while to get this fi­nal whammy-bar move up to speed if you’re not al­ready a whammy ninja like Satch.

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