Yng­wie Malm­steen

Guitar Techniques - - Play: Hot Blues -

We start with a fast trill be­tween the ma­jor and mi­nor 3rd of E (G and G#), fol­lowed with a quick tap­ping se­quence us­ing arpeg­gios to im­ply a su­per­im­posed chord pro­gres­sion. Use your sec­ond fin­ger to per­form the tap­ping as you have very lit­tle time to go from pick­ing to tap­ping and back. This is fol­lowed by a high bend up to D (19th to 22nd fret, first string). Support this bend re­ally well, as con­trol is vi­tal in or­der to make it sound good - and not break a string or hurt your fret­ting hand. We fin­ish with a quick burst of notes, us­ing the E Blues scale (with an added F#). I sug­gest us­ing the CD as ref­er­ence when tak­ing this one on­board as there are some pretty chal­leng­ing rhythms at play here.

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