Vin­nie Moore

Guitar Techniques - - Your Hottest Ever Blues Licks! -

Scale ma­te­rial is C# Mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic, C# Blues scale and C# Do­rian. Vin­nie is a killer hy­brid picker, so after the ini­tial bluesy in­tro­duc­tion we set out on some se­ri­ously fast hy­brid pick­ing runs. They are all three­notes-per-string shapes, but while the first two are Pen­ta­tonic-based, the fi­nal shape and run is Do­rian-mode based, in­clud­ing the notes A# (ma­jor 6th) and D# (ma­jor 2nd) in the scale. I highly sug­gest isolating each of the po­si­tions here and work­ing on them sep­a­rately to get them up to a de­sired speed with­out ex­tra­ne­ous noise and un­wanted strings ring­ing. Again, use the CD as a ref­er­ence as we are deal­ing with some in­tri­cate rhyth­mic val­ues. This one sounds great slowed down, too!

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