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[In­tro Bars 1- 8] The open­ing iconic riff fea­tures all the key tech­niques you’ll need to per­form the other sec­tions of the song, so spend some time on this. Un­for­tu­nately there are no short cuts here; it’s a case of start­ing very slowly and mak­ing sure you don’t slip into bad habits by rac­ing ahead. The pick­ing pat­tern is es­sen­tially the same through­out and al­ter­nate pick­ing will pro­vide a con­sis­tent time feel and mu­si­cal dy­nam­ics. Th­ese parts are tricky and worth prac­tic­ing in iso­la­tion. Mov­ing the first fin­ger from the root note on the sixth string to the 3rd on the third string might feel odd at first, but once you have it mas­tered it’s by far the eas­i­est way to tackle the track, rather than hold the whole chord shape down. Lay your palm across the bridge so the low­est four strings have equal mut­ing. The tricky bit is main­tain­ing a con­sis­tent pick­ing hand tech­nique with the palm mute in place. If you have a float­ing vi­brato style bridge be care­ful not to push the strings out of tune with pres­sure from the hand.

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