Guitar Techniques - - The Police Every Breath You Take -

[Verse 1 Bars 9-16] The verse sim­ply re­peats the open­ing riff. De­vel­op­ing con­sis­tency is the key to a con­vinc­ing per­for­mance and this will only come from lots of prac­tice. It’s worth not­ing the last two bars of this sec­tion go to the VI chord, F#madd9, in­stead of the I chord, Aadd9. [Verse 2 Bars 17-24] Verse 2 is an ex­act re­peat of the in­tro fig­ure. [Bridge 1 Bars 25-32] The bridge sec­tion uses the same pick­ing pat­terns and chord shapes we have de­vel­oped, but places them in dif­fer­ent places on the fret­board to fit in with the chord changes. The fourth qua­ver (the ‘and’ of 2) is played as a ghost note on the record­ing, which means it is picked, but not nec­es­sar­ily fret­ted com­pletely.

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