Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Chop Shops -

EThis is a sim­i­lar idea to Ex­am­ple 1, but uses a pat­tern which has a fifth-string root note. The ar­tic­u­la­tion here uses a first-fin­ger slide fol­lowed by sec­ondto-third fin­ger ham­mer- ons. As with the pre­vi­ous ex­er­cise, play the slides, ham­mer- ons and pull- offs pos­i­tively and ac­cu­rately, mak­ing sure all notes are heard. Any or all of th­ese ex­am­ples work as ex­cel­lent le­gato ex­er­cises as well as be­ing great licks to learn in their own right.

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