Ex­am­ple6 FI­NAL JAM

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: British R&b -

This ex­am­ple fo­cuses on Korner’s solo­ing style in the lat­ter days of Blues In­cor­po­rated. The open­ing comp il­lus­trates his abil­ity to in­ject ef­fec­tive fills that add greater in­ter­est to a typ­i­cal ‘dah- dah- dee- dah’ blues riff. The two cho­ruses of so­los that follow in­cor­po­rate some tricky rhyth­mic sub­di­vi­sions (par­tic­u­larly in bars 18, 26, 30 and 31). For best re­sults, iso­late th­ese licks and prac­tice them sep­a­rately to a click be­fore you at­tempt the whole solo.

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