Ex­am­ple1 Lee Mor­gan

Guitar Techniques - - Blue Note Anniversary Pt 3 Learning Zone -

Lee Mor­gan launches into a blaz­ing Bb blues cho­rus, start­ing around a Bb­maj7 ar­peg­gio then com­ing down Bb Mixoly­dian and mov­ing into the Whole Tone scale. He hints at Bb­maj7 again then moves into a chro­matic idea that re­curs a cou­ple of times fur­ther on, com­ing down Cm7 and back up A7, then moves up Bb Mixoly­dian into a bro­ken up Cm7 ar­peg­gio fol­lowed by an im­plied C7 and Fm7. Over the Fm7 he re­vis­its the ear­lier de­scend­ing chro­matic idea, then moves up Bb9 and into an Eb Mixoly­dian mo­tif over the two bars of Eb7. Over the Bb7 he set­tles into a re­peat­ing Bb Mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic pat­tern, then over the fi­nal turn­around moves up Bb ma­jor, sug­gests Fm, C7 and F7 then re­vis­its the ear­lier chro­matic idea, mov­ing up F Mixoly­dian over the F7 then as­cend­ing chro­mat­i­cally to the 5th (F) and end­ing on the root of the Bb7. The fin­ger­ings I’ve in­cluded are sug­ges­tions so feel free to adapt any­thing that’s un­com­fort­able – as th­ese are trum­pet licks there’s no ‘cor­rect’ way to fin­ger them on gui­tar.

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