Ex­am­ple3 Kenny Bur­rell

Guitar Techniques - - Blue Note Anniversary Pt 3 Learning Zone -

Bur­rell starts with a re­peated chro­matic fig­ure (bar 26), mov­ing into a mix of Bb Ma­jor and Mixoly­dian with chro­matic pass­ing notes. Over the Eb7 he plays around Bb Mi­nor and Bb Blues, then comes up Bb Ma­jor scale in the next bar, into a Bb Ma­jor mo­tif over the Bb7 then sweep­ing up a G7b9 ar­peg­gio over the G7#5. On the Cm7 he plays around C Mi­nor scale pro­gress­ing to F7 over the F7 chord, then ends in Bb Ma­jor over the Bb7.

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