Ex­am­ple Lind­sey Buck­ing­ham style

Guitar Techniques - - Lindsey Buckingham Learning Zone -

[Bar 1] We’re go­ing to use a banjo in­spired ‘p i m’ fin­ger­pick­ing pat­tern here, so the thumb will pluck the sixth string, the first fin­ger the fifth string, while the sec­ond fin­ger takes care of the fourth. [Bar 9] We’re still us­ing the same ‘p i m’ pick­ing hand pat­tern here, but ev­ery­thing has shifted down a string. Hope­fully, your thumb isn’t get­ting tired by this point, though! [Bar 12] Ham­mer­ing- on within th­ese up­tempo pick­ing pat­terns is a very common fea­ture of Lind­sey’s style – just make sure you get an even bal­ance of vol­ume be­tween the plucked and ham­mered notes. [Bar 13] It can be easy to for­get about play­ing dy­nam­ics when per­form­ing up­tempo parts like th­ese, so a few places like this are a great op­por­tu­nity to lessen the at­tack and take the vol­ume down tem­po­rar­ily.

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