Guitar Techniques - - Q&a -

This month’s lick fea­tures an as­cend­ing dom­i­nant ar­peg­gio line that uses el­e­ments of tri­ads (three-note chords), chordal ex­ten­sions and short, scale-based ideas. Com­bin­ing dif­fer­ent con­cepts in this way of­ten makes for less pre­dictable and more mu­si­cally in­ter­est­ing lines. I have no­tated it us­ing a mix­ture of sweep pick­ing, slide and le­gato - as this is ob­vi­ously how I play it. How­ever, do feel free to ex­per­i­ment with any other meth­ods that you might pre­fer. As al­ways, try to come up with other sim­i­lar licks of your own in vary­ing keys, tem­pos and styles….

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