Jimi Hen­drix style Jam

Guitar Techniques - - Play: Blues-rock -

The jam starts with a clas­sic Hen­drix style way to play the E7#9 chord in the open po­si­tion. Box one of the E mi­nor pen­ta­tonic scale can be played in the open po­si­tion and sounds great es­pe­cially when the open strings and uni­son notes are ex­ploited. For the idea in bar 11 and 13 let the notes ring into each other and push the G (8th fret, sec­ond string) slightly sharp. It is well worth hav­ing a lis­ten to the track and learn­ing some of the ideas in the demon­stra­tion solo. After this why not try im­pro­vis­ing or com­pos­ing a part of your own with the back­ing track pro­vided.

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