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[In­tro: Bars 1-10] The track starts with the clas­sic count-in. The iconic in­tro riff is sim­ple to play and made even eas­ier by open G tun­ing. Use the fret­ting­hand first fin­ger as a barre and then add sec­ond and third fin­gers for the Bb chord GUITARwhen re­quired. TECHNIQUESThis riff MAGAZINEwill sound best2 3 if 8 played with down strums as this will help you to en­sure a solid feel and con­sis­tent dy­namic. [Verse 1: Bars 11-18] The verse riff has a shuf­fle feel and is very much in keep­ing with the Keith Richards school of rhythm gui­tar. Again use your first fin­ger as a barre and then add the ex­tra notes when re­quired. The rhythm parts are pretty loose so aim to nail the feel and the main fea­tures. [Bridge 1: Bars 19–22] The bridge takes us neatly into the an­themic cho­rus. Only the first fin­ger is re­quired to barre the notes and it’s just a case of mov­ing it around to the re­quired fret.

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