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[Cho­rus 1: Bars 23–30] This sec­tion uses the same tech­niques as found in the verse. The pat­tern is a bit more spe­cific and well worth learn­ing. [Bars 31–34] This sec­tion is a re­peat of the in­tro riff. Make sure you follow the re­peat marks to verse two.

2 xxxxxxxxxx [Verse 2: Bars 35– 42] This sec­tion is a re­peat of verse 1. [Bridge 2: Bars 43– 46] This sec­tion is a re­peat of bridge 1. [Cho­rus 2: Bars 47–54] Another re­peat of cho­rus 1. Take the sec­ond time bar which skips the tag and takes us into the solo. [Har­mony Gui­tar Solo: Bars 55–74] This sec­tion fea­tures no­ta­tion for the higher part of the har­mony gui­tar solo. The melodies are rel­a­tively easy to play, but the tim­ing and in­to­na­tion of the string bends is es­sen­tial for this to work. Check out Ralphs and Rodgers’ heavy vi­brato too!

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