6a: Exam7 9-dim7 ple con­nec­tion6 The 7b9-dim7 con­nec­tion G# E7b9 Con­tin­u­ing this sym­met­ri­cal E7 theme, we can see the Di­min­ished­dim7 7th as a sub­sti­tute ex­ten­sion for Dom­i­nant 7b9. The notes in E7 are E, G# B and D. This gives ma­jor 3rd, mi­nor 3rd, mi­nor

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the b9, F, this gives us yet another mi­nor 3rd. If we chain th­ese mi­nor 3rds to­gether, G#-B-D-F you’ll see a G# Di­min­ished 7th. There­fore E7b9 and G#dim7 are es­sen­tially in­ter­change­able. This ex­am­ple shows the con­nec­tion.

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