Exam ple 7 San­tana/latin Mi­nor II V I/I VI II V

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77 77 Our first mu­si­cal ex­am­ple places a se­lec­tion of nifty mi­nor II V I ideas in a

66 99 oe ˙ Latin based set­ting de­rived from a dec­o­rate­doe I oe mi­nor,˙ IV mi­nor move in C

77 mi­nor.EE This is a typ­i­cal se­quence you might hear in a san­tana song. The Half

Σ ˙

77 di­min­ished chord serves two func­tions# here, firstly# as ˙ the IIm7b5,# as part

66 99 ˙ of the II V I se­quence; and se­condly, as a VIm7b5, as part of a mi­nor I VI II V, bring­ing the se­quence to 00 a close 00 in the fi­nal 00 two bars.

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