Exam ple 10 V7 to I res­o­lu­tions

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OE OE ‰ G7 C The Di­min­ished Straight7th chord can be viewed as an ex­cel­lent path­way to G7 C mod­u­la­tion. As Straightwe’ve seen, any Di­min­ished 7 voic­ing can be viewed from 7 E four dif­fer­ent per­spec­tives9 ΣΣ and8 there­fore its as­so­ci­ated 7b9 be seen to have 5

6 four po­ten­tial out­comes ex­pressed as both ma­jor or mi­nor res­o­lu­tions. Here we see how G#dim7 can be ex­pressed as G, E, C# and Bb7b9, along with their sub­se­quent res­o­lu­tions.

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