Exam ple 11 Sec­ondary Dom­i­nant - Di­min­ished Con­nec­tions

Guitar Techniques - - Play: Theory -

Em7 For this ex­er­cise we ex­plore the con­cept of sec­ondary Dom­i­nant chords, where we es­sen­tially pre-empt se­lect chords, or in the case ev­ery new

3 4 3

Σ chord in a se­quence with its as­so­ci­ated Dom­i­nant 7. We de­velop this idea fur­ther here by con­vert­ing each Dom­i­nant 7 (R 3 5 b7) into a 7b9 (R 3 5 7 b9), or more ac­cu­rately into its Di­min­ished 7th cousin. This achieves a smooth

4 5 4 2 4 3 tran­si­tion from chord to chord, with tons of semi­tone mo­tion in the bass.

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