Ex­am­ple3 piv­ot­ing the fret­ting hand arm

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Video -

Car­los shows how im­por­tant it is to ‘pivot’ the fret­ting hand arm when switch­ing from one type of chord shape to another. He ex­plains that rather than ‘fish­ing’ around with in­di­vid­ual fin­gers the ac­tual arm po­si­tion can help find the right an­gle for the fin­gers. This ex­er­cise uses a di­ag­o­nal shape across the top four strings and then mir­rors that shape the op­po­site way, cre­at­ing the need for an op­pos­ing arm po­si­tion. He con­tin­ues this switch­ing of one shape to another all the way up the fret­board and shows clearly on the video what the arm is do­ing.

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