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Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Acoustic -

[Bar 1] Aim for a ‘lilt­ing’ feel through­out – in essence it’s a very re­laxed, lazy swing feel that char­ac­terises pieces like this one. GUI­TAR[Bar 3] Try TECHNIQUESat­tack­ing the open2 3 sixth8 string (low D note) Stu­art'swith a bit Acous­tic­more vigour than you may nor­mally do so to re­ally achieve NEILthe Neil YOUNGY­oung ef­fect. STYLE This study can be played with fin­gers or a pick but I’d try for the for­mer. [Bar 7] Part of the ‘pas­toral’ sound that Neil Young is known for comes from the ad­di­tion of softer sound­ing in­ter­vals of 6ths and 9ths in his play­ing, so if you like this sound learn as many 6, 9 and 6/9 chords as you can!

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