Charles Watkins 1923-2014

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It is with great sad­ness that we re­port that audio pi­o­neer Charles Watkins passed away re­cently at the age of 91, on Oc­to­ber 28, 2014. Charles in­vented the Watkins Copi­cat, a tape loop based echo unit first in­tro­duced 1958. It was orig­i­nally in­spired by the Morino Marini Quar­tet who made fa­mous the song, Come Prima, which con­tained a spe­cial use of re­peated phras­ings. The Copi­cat rev­o­lu­tionised sound pro­cess­ing and had a huge in­flu­ence on mu­sic dur­ing the 1960s and 1970s. Charles also founded the WEM ( Watkins Elec­tric Mu­sic) company and their amps, mix­ers and ef­fects were used by ev­ery­one from Jimi Hen­drix and the Rolling Stones to The Who, Jeff Beck, Gary Moore, Hank Marvin and Pink Floyd.

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