Guitar Techniques - - Play: Soloing -

[Bar 1] We be­gin with a four-beat count-in played on the hi-hats. [Bar 2–33] The jam track stitches to­gether some of the licks we’ve worked on into a func­tion­ing solo, and starts with the idea we looked at in Ex­am­ple 3. [Bars 6-9] Here’s a vari­a­tion on the faux slide ideas in Ex­am­ples 1 and 2. The fast lines in bar 9 are sim­ple Pen­ta­tonic phrases played at speed. They are easy to fin­ger so take th­ese slowly and then work them up to tempo. [Bars 10-13] Here’s the idea we looked at in ex­am­ple 18. This time the fast de­scend­ing phrase is played with tap­ping, which makes it eas­ier, but no­tice how it changes the tone and feel. [Bars 14-17] Some neat ar­ranged phrases you can learn and call on at will.

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